Friday 7 October 2016

The Brexit Beater

Karen Litton is unique among Estate Agents in Ireland. Her story did not start here and like many of her clients she moved to Ireland from the UK. The daughter of a Donegal-Longford man her roots are firmly in Ireland to which she moved some eleven years ago. Having worked in Legal Administration and Property in the UK she automatically gravitated to property in Ireland and has gained significant and valuable experience in the profession while working in the Roscommon, Leitrim & Longford Region. She has held the position of Property Sales Manager with REA Brady in Carrick on Shannon since 2012.
That experience together with her English background has been particularly helpful in the past three years since UK buyers entered the Irish Property Market in significant numbers. Sharing her experiences of the same move with incoming UK buyers has made the experience simpler and more comfortable for UK residents who have the dream and ambition to move but sometimes struggle with the differing methods we have in Ireland. This help has resulted in exceptional sales success.
Karen’s UK buyers tend to purchase Rural Properties mainly. They are escaping urbanized Britain and are in Ireland to buy what they cannot buy in the UK, “A Private Rural Home”. Karen notes that despite the fact that Sterling has lost c.13% of its buying power against the Euro since Brexit her UK Buyers continue to come. She says “that’s because the disparity in values for rural homes in the UK versus Ireland is still massive. In the UK buyers are paying a “Rural Premium” of c.£40,000 over the cost of an urban home, the opposite been true in Ireland. An average rural home in the UK (inc. Scotland & Wales) sells for in excess of £250,000 (€282,000). The same would cost c. €120,000 in Karen’s Region, about 56% cheaper even after sterling has lost 13%. Even after the currency movement it still makes sense for UK buyers.”
Karen has infectious enthusiasm for her work and for the properties she sells. Her attention to detail in the preparation of her presentations of property is exceptional. Her wording in brochures reads well to her target audiences. Her results speak for themselves with flowers and Thankyou Cards frequently crowding her office. Karen is Property Sales Manager at REA Brady in Carrick on Shannon. She can be reached on 071 96 22444 or on