Monday 22 June 2015

Online Auction live in July with REA Hynes

REA Hynes have announced a strong interest in their upcoming July online auction. “We have had great uptake” said Healy Hynes of REA Hynes. “Property all over the midlands; from Athlone to Kilbeggan, Ballymahon to Ballinasloe have been entered to date”.

“There is a growing realisation from sellers and buyers” stated Mr. Hynes “that the market is changing rapidly & online sales are the way the market is going. Buyers are get busier and busier every day; buying property online is a natural extension of the way they are living their lives.”

The benefits of the service are numerous according to Mr Hynes. “For a start it means that all due diligence is done prior to the any offers being made. This speeds up the entire process, getting buyers into their new home faster and ensuring that sellers can move on quicker.”

Mr., Hynes also expressed that this transparency means that there are no nasty surprises for buyers. “Any issues they may have, they can get their solicitors to look into before the bidding even starts."

Buyers can have complete confidence in bidding according to Mr. Hynes as every bidder is validated before being given access to contracts. Mr. Hynes believes this benefits buyers as if bidding against someone, they know that they can complete – buyers also get to see each others screen name so they can have full confidence in the bidding process.

Selling online gives greater security according to Mr. Hynes. As parties are contracted to complete at the end of a successful auction, both buyers & sellers have confidence in the sale.

The REA Hynes online auction is to be held at  Sellers interested in listing their property in the next REA Hynes online auction,  can drop an email to or call their Church Street, Athlone office on 0906473838