Tuesday 25 November 2014

REA O'Keeffe of Charleville joins REA

Ireland’s fastest-growing network, Real Estate Alliance, have announced the addition of REA O’Keeffe in Charleville to its national roster.

Real Estate Alliance (REA) is Ireland’s leading property group of Chartered Surveyors with over 50 branches nationwide, comprising many of the country’s longest-established auctioneers and estate agents.

The innovative Group this week unveiled its new member in Charleville, adding to its growing national footprint.

“We are delighted to welcome Sarah O’Keeffe of REA O’Keeffe on board. Her firm represents the type of firm which Real Estate Alliance is proud to be associated with – experienced, professional and qualified,” said REA CEO Philip Farrell.

“The combination of business being distributed to REA agents from central office, together with the requirement that all agents must be accredited Chartered Surveyors is proving a major attraction to new members.

“Members enjoy the fact that Real Estate Alliance is different from other property groups and they can tap-in to the wealth of knowledge within the group which is particularly useful in valuation work.

“The recent addition of our new Property Tracker system that interfaces with the clients to give real-time reports to banks and receivers, allows agent and client to deal with sales and management in a much more efficient manner.”

Sarah O’Keeffe of REA O’Keeffe in Charleville has joined the Alliance due to the Group’s increase presence on the national stage and expert take on the property market.

“We feel that the progressive approach which REA are currently showing in the market place is a vindication of their belief in the positive future which is ahead of us, both in terms of our economy and the property sector,” she said.

“REA are visible, innovative, effective, and their nationwide view on the market through their continued surveying is one that provides a realistic and trustworthy message to both buyers and sellers.”