Friday 2 January 2015

5 Steps to buying your home

STEP 1: Get agreement in Principle
  • Know your price range & limit.
STEP 2: Research Properties
  • Check out maps & different locations
  • Know the particular area you want to buy a property.
  • We advise all purchasers to do a checklist of what they expect when buying a home.
  • Ask yourself:
    • House or Apartment? New or Second Hand?
    • Location close to work / family & friends?
    • Importance of Local amenities
    • shops, schools / other facilities
    • Features in a property that are important to you
    • number of bedroom / garden space / heating type /garage etc.

STEP 3: Contact your local REA Agent
  • Register your requirements with local agents.
  • Pop into their office – just because a property isn't listed for sale they may have something coming available that will suit your requirements.
  • Check out Websites: main property websites: / &
  • Drive By the property - It's very important that before you view a property you take a drive by the property know exactly where its located & know the general area ask yourself: Do I see myself living here?
STEP 4: Viewings / Inspections
  • From you research view a number of properties.
  • Never let minor negative defects turn you off viewing a property.
  • Remember a lick of paint & some imagination can make all the difference!!
  • From your viewings determine: YES / No or MAYBE properties.
  • We would always recommend that you revisit the properties with family & friends determine which property is top of your list.
  • Ask as many questions as possible take your time & don't be rushed
STEP 5: Make an Offer
  • The agent will always advise you on a current offer on a property.
  • It's also useful to find out other information prior to making an offer: Find out how long the property is on the market, what’s the vendors expectations, what is included in the sale, is there a management company (cost / house rules etc.) BER rating Etc.
  • Place your offer on the property.
  • Once your offer has been accepted you can contact your lender to move from "Approval in Principle" to "Full Loan Approval".
  • It would be common practice in today's market an agent would obtain a copy of your approval upon paying a booking deposit. ]
  • SALE AGREED & the sale is instructed (onto the legal side of things