Monday 4 April 2011

Changing repayments on mortgage to bi-monthly

Irish consumers are conditioned to pay their mortgage on a monthly basis but this can cost a lot of money. If, instead of paying monthly, you pay your mortgage every two weeks then you could easily dramatically cut its cost over the full term.
If someone has a €300,000 mortgage taken out over a 30-year term and they make a monthly repayment, it will cost €1,610.46 every month, based on an average interest rate today.If they pay twice a month, it will cost them €805.23 each time. So they are paying exactly the same amount every month.
But when a person pays monthly, the total interest on that loan over the full 30 years is €279,767.35 or €777.13 a month. If, however, that person pays off the mortgage twice a month then the total interest falls to €226,466.56 or an interest payment every bi-weekly period of €289.60.