Tuesday 9 December 2008

Yields from residential properties are up on average 18%

Yields from residential rental properties are up on average over 18% on last year. While average rental rates are down between 5% , there has been no decrease in certain areas such as Athlone, Killarney and Tralee and yields have improved nationwide. Average yields for 2008 are at 4.25% up by 15% on last year. In 2007 the group reported average returns at 3.7%, compared with returns of between 2.8% - 3.2% at the end of 2006. Yields this year are as high as 5.4% in areas such as Balbriggan and are at the 5% mark in Ashbourne and Nenagh, according to figures released by Real Estate Alliance. Yields are between 4% and 4.5% in Drogheda, Newbridge, Lucan, Maynooth, Longford, Tipperary, Trim, Cork (Charleville), Callan, Blessington and Tralee. Cavan and Navan are reporting yields of 4.8%.